Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To humbug or not to humbug, THAT is the question.

Today is, get this:

Humbug Day
Look On the Brightside Day.

How does that work??

All confusion aside, I did discover an interesting fact concerning Humbug day.
Apparently during the celebration (?) of said day, one is allowed a mere 12 humbugs.
Good to know right?

Okay, so today's holidays got me to thinking.  What's appropriately humbuggy (that's 1), and yet also involves taking on an "on the bright side" mentality?

I'll give ya a sec to think about it too.

Okay, what'd ya come up with?



Yeah, no.
But thanks for trying. :)

 It's, of course, Peanut from Jeff Dunham's live shows!!!
 Here's a link if you wanna watch him in action:

Oke doke, so now you understand. :)

Have an Adequate Mix of Humbug
(that's 2) and Happy Today Everyone!

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