Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mystery: Yo Gabba What??

So... I was asked to make a Yo Gabba Gabba themed cake for a 2 year old's birthday this weekend.

Client Question: Do you know what Yo Gabba Gabba is?
My Answer:  I don't have kids, but pathetically, yes, I am familiar with the show.

Now if you've never seen Yo Gabba Gabba before, it's a show that was designed by two dads who wanted something more from children's television.
Like actual music.

AND celebrity guests... 

 because as everyone knows, a hefty prerequisite for any good preschool nowadays is a vast knowledge of the Kardashian family and why they're famous.
Hmm, wait.
Why are they famous again? 

Anywhoozy, if you're interested in checking to see what Yo Gabba Gabba's all about, step one is to sit down.

Trust me on this.
 There should be a warning before the show starts.  
Something along the lines of:

"This show is not recommended for individuals with balance issues.  Please remain seated throughout the entirety of the show.  Please do not watch if you have taken medication within the last 4 to 6 hours."

Okay, so here's a clip:

You're glad you sat down right?
Told you. :)
Before the characters were added...
This was the smash cake.  It's DJ Lance's hat! :)

Sugar & Love Everyone!


  1. Ok. How do I go about getting the YoGabbaGabba cake and SMASH cake for my son's 2nd bday on Feb 25? He LOVES YGG and even dressed as DJ Lance Rock on Halloween.

  2. Aww! How cute! I've got ya covered David, just emailed you :)

  3. Does the "smash cake" actually get smashed? As in, stepped on or thrown in someone's face??

  4. Hey Nancy! The smash cake is the cake the little bday boy/girl eats with their hands and typically ends up smashing all over their face. Think baby Jake with the blue icing face :)


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