Monday, June 6, 2011


Can I just start out by saying how AWESOME X-Men First Class was??!

Sorry, the hubbub and I went to see it last night at the drive-in and I can't help feeling like the little girl in Despicable Me.  You know the one I'm talking about, the "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!" girl.  

It's like that,... 
...except with X-Men...  

...maybe this was not the best way to describe it...

Anywhoozy, my post today doesn't have anything to do with that.
I actually just wanted to share a cute little cake I made late last week for a five year old's birthday. :)
He wanted a heart-shaped chocolate cake, with green icing and it needed to be decked out in Mickey Mouse gear.
Consider it done kiddo!

I went a little crazy with the Mickey theme, but I prefer to think of it as one of those pictures where you have to see if you can find them all. :)  Did you find the Mickey head hedges along the bottom, the Mickey head gate entrance, the Mickey head stones leading the the clubhouse, the Mickey pants and hand hot air ballon?

Okay, so I know I didn't make this one 100% edible, but Disney copyrights don't play well with others, so I decided to avoid jail time and just buy the characters.  Other than that, everything is edible.  I used candy clay, a bit of royal icing and buttercream. 

Have a Super Sweet Monday Everyone!
and maybe check out X-Men if ya get the chance... just saying...


  1. Hilarious! I wondered what you'd been making lately. My favorite part is the pants & hand hot air balloon. :)

  2. That is so adorable!
    Now what kind of stick in the mud Disney official could ever think that your Cake could be anything but a spectacular enhancement to their brand?! They should be so lucky to have you "copying" their work!
    Have a great weekend! - G


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