Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am the Walrus.

I’m feeling a bit Beatle-y today.
Just in case you’ve now become concerned about my sanity, please take note that I said "beAtle", not "beEtle".

I’m not a fan of the creepy crawlies.
No offense to them of course. I just still have nightmares about the killer ants from Indiana Jones who partially ate that bad guy and then tried to squeeze him back into their ant hill. You know the scene, from the new Indiana Jones with Shia Labeouf…
::sigh:: Shia… he’s dreamy… J

Er, um, …
Phew! Is it hot in here?

Ah-hem. Back to the point of the story…
I woke up with "Let it Be" in my head this morning.
No big deal right? I mean the Beatles were/are a pretty big hit with most folks.
What’s awkward about it is that I don’t actually know the lyrics to that version (please don’t stone me), but I sure as heck know the lyrics to the Sesame Street parody of it…

So at approximately 5am this morning, "Letter B" was rockin’ at WCRZY Radio Toozy.
Hence today’s post:

I Am The Walrus.

Walliford Walrus is a chocolate cake pop just chillin’ in his hip and happenin’ winter garb.

Happy Argyle Sweater Vest Day Everyone!
Okay maybe.
But don’t try to deny it. I know you’re secretly wishing you were wearing one too right now J

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis the Season!

Hello All!
Tis the season for stuffing your face!
Woot woot!

Wait, is that not how it goes?

Oh well, that’s the part I really look forward to so I’m just gonna continue with my schpeel.


Ya like that?
I thought so.
I’m feeling some pretty awesome wordage vibes today, so be ready.

Anywhoozy (further proof of the awesome wordage vibe), I know it’s been awhile… but if I may be lame and quote a little known 80’s hair band,

"I’m BACK in the saddle again!"
Sorry, there’s no good way to visually show the umph behind the word "back" in that song.
But I digress…
Long story short, my days of donning giant bug-eye sunglasses (I really don’t understand that trend) to avoid the sweet treat paparazzi have come to a conclusion. Like Lindsay Loha-…. Hmm…
Scratch that.

Like Katie Holmes, I’ve re-emerged.
My purpose?
To, if I may, "let them eat cake."
So without further adieu, I give you…
Tis the Season.

 Rudolph, Mr. Nutcracker, holiday wreath and Edmund Elf are all handmade, homemade pumpkin spice cake pops with accessories ranging from Red Hots to yummy melted chocolate.

It’s good to be back. J
Have a Tasty Tuesday Everyone! And stay warm!