Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keep Calm and Cake Pop On: Numero Dos

Just so you know, I'm currently in my pjs.
Or my "pajamas".
Or my "sleep wear", if you're fancy like that.

Because I can.

And I don't feel well, but it's mainly because I can.

I'm feeling the need for a spa kind of day.  
Cucumbers over my eyes (which I've heard doesn't actually do anything, but make you slightly resemble a salad), wrapped up in a cozy robe, someone massaging the Rocky Mountain range of knots that were formally just foothills in my shoulders...

I can almost feel the cucumbers sliding down my face now.
 Darn things never seem to stay on my eyes.

Unfortunately, being as I have multiple cake pop orders due Monday and about a kagillion other things to do... like shower and get properly dressed, my spa day will have to wait.
Ahh someday... :)

In the meantime, here's a sweet escape for all of you fine folks to enjoy.

Strawberries and Cream cake pop with buttercream decoration and handmade candy clay rose.

Have a sweet and relaxing day everyone!

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  1. Dude! It's like the rose in Beauty and the Beast! Ahhhhhhhhh LOVE IT! :D


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