Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rubber Duckie, you're the one!

We've spoken of my love of anything Jim Henson right?  Well, I watched some episodes of "The Storyteller" last week and they completely freaked me out, so I almost started to rethink that love.  
Please keep in mind however, this is coming from the girl who, 17 chapters in, had to stop reading The Historian because she was afraid Dracula would come after her too.  
Okay, I realize you probably think that's dumb especially since there's no such thing as vampires, but chew on this for a minute.  My mom had two spots that looked eerily similar to bite marks suddenly appear on her arm and I burned the side of my neck with a curling iron... all in the same day.  
I think it's best I not take my chances.

Anyways, I decided "The Storyteller" was just a momentary lapse in judgment and will continue sharing my love for all things muppet.  
Which brings me to today.  
I started my process for this post as more of a soap opera thing, but decided it would be better suited under the Sesame Street genre.
They're kinda the same right?  I mean, both have main story lines that are frequently interrupted by other, more minor story lines...  Okay, that's a stretch, but once you see these pictures, it will make much more sense.

It's more Sesame Street right?  
*BTW, tub dude is made of caramel, tootsie rolls and a nilla wafer, his bubble bath is made up of mini marshmallows and his rubber duckie is just fondant.  (If you've seen my first ever fondant cake, the duck's my lone keepsake.)

Happy Wednesday Everybody!


In the immortal words of Fabolous, feel free to "holla back". :)