Monday, February 28, 2011

We represent the workers in all magical industries, both evil and benign.

I am not a fan of Mondays.
To be completely honest, I do feel kind of bad about that because I know Monday can't help being the first day of the work week, but I don't feel bad enough to actually like it.

Although, today is kinda special... 
National Tooth Fairy Day!!!
You know, there's just nothing quite as wonderful as teaching kids that they can sell their body parts for money to some random stranger who's broken into their homes.  ::sigh::  It's just precious! 

All creepiness aside, after discovering the holiday, I began thinking of the classic fairy tales which, of course, led me to Cinderella.  

Never has there been a more tyrannical dictator right?!  I mean, did you see the size of those mice she had working for her in the Disney version??  There's no way she followed labor laws with them!  I'm surprised no one's notified the Better Business Bureau!  It's time someone stood up for those poor unfortunate souls... oh, wait, wrong movie.  
Still though, someone should do something about this injustice...

So I made a completely edible replica of Gus Gus.

Power to the Mice Folk!

Gus Gus is made out of caramel, piping gel and fondant.

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