Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Edible Scrabble Tutorial

Have you ever played Bananagrams before?

(Okay, be honest.  Who just spell checked "bananas" by singing the Gwen Stefani song?)

Bananagrams is basically Scrabble only the tiles come in a cute little banana-shaped bag, there's no board, the tiles don't have numbers on them, you shout out words like "PeeL!" every so often, you build your own crossword...

Okay, so maybe it's not like Scrabble really.

But you do:
1. Use tiles with letters on them - like Scrabble
2. Create words all crossword-style-ey - like Scrabble.

Ahh, see!  
Everything connects in some way. :)
Anybody wanna sing "It's a Small World" with me??


 ...okay then...

Ahem, as I was saying, Bananagrams is kinda, sorta, not really at all like Scrabble, but I'm too cheap to go buy it (Seriously, I never knew the demand for games was so high that they could charge ten bucks for Uno.), so my husband and I play using Scrabble tiles.

Funny thing is, we have a really nice Scrabble game.  
It's the turntable board with real wood tiles and everything.

Ahh well.  

I think maybe it's the whole make-up-your-own-crossword part I prefer.  With my own board, no one has to painfully watch as I take half an hour to think of super duper triple word scores like "CAT".

But anyways, this mixture of games got me to thinking about edible twists I could put on them.  Hence, today's post of  
Valentine's Day Edible Scrabble.

The ingredients you'll need are: Graham Crackers, a sharp knife, a grater, frosting (marshmallow frosting would tatse AMAZING!) or melting candy/chocolate, food/icing coloring (optional), a piping bag and piping tip #3.

First, you take the Graham... (Sandlot flashbacks anyone?  LOVE that movie!)

Carefully break the graham cracker into four pieces along the lines.

***Sharp Object Alert!***  Please don't let kids do this step alone!
Now take one of the fourths and cut it in half.

 Use the grater to smooth any rough edges.

 Next, prepare your icing, candy or chocolate and piping bag.

Pipe the letter onto the square.
 Don't forget to pipe the number in the bottom right-hand corner! 
If you're making Scrabble tiles, I mean. :)

Now just repeat the previous steps until your message is complete and...

VOILA!  :)

 Sugar & Love Everyone!

P.S. These would make super cute cupcake toppers... just saying. :)


  1. :0 I have to tell you that I adore your blog! It's adorable and I'm a huge fan... I just started my own and would you mind if I gave you a shout out with a link to your blog?

    1. oh gosh, well thanks! :) i would be totally okay with that!


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