Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's hip to be a square!

Little known fact about me:

A few years ago, I wrote a children's book.

Good grief, don't look so shocked.  Contrary to popular belief, I actually use to have a pretty productive life.

Anyways, back to my book.
I just found it!
And who cares that I was denied by Highlights because it wasn't what they were looking for did not have it published?!
That just means more exciting new stuff for you!  EEEeeee!!! :)

Don't worry, I'll give you a heads up before the story's about to begin if you wanna make a run for it.  It's pretty fan... nope, I'm not gonna say it.  I'll say it's "otterific".

I know.
It doesn't quite have the right ring to it.  I mean, yeah for otters that they were included in a word trend last year, but it's just not working for me.  Although, my story does have animals in it...

Okay, enough mumbo jumbo,
here's the story.
If you make it through, there's a picture at the end!!!

A Giraffe Named Purcello
By: Little 'Ol Me

(I will apologize now because it looks kinda long.  Sorry.
It rhymes though, so it should read pretty fast.
Btw, it's pronounce "per-cello", like the instrument.
Okay.  I'm done.  Read on good people.)

There was once a little giraffe named Purcello

Who certainly was an intelligent fellow.

He loved reading and writing, arithmetic too,

But poor young Purcello did not know what to do.

His classmates would tease him day in and day out,

But he’d try to forget the mean names they would shout.

They’d call him a dweeb, a geek and a fool

For choosing to read and stay after school.

Purcello was sad, he liked learning stuff,

But he finally decided that he’d had enough.

He changed who he was and made himself new,

But there was still that sad feeling inside making him blue.

“I know I was different, but I liked who I was.

I don’t like to do what everyone else does.”

“Then you should be you,” a small voice said one day

“And forget the mean things that those animals do say.”

Purcello looked down to see whose words were so kind

And was startled to see the mouse Caroline.

“You’re right Caroline, who cares what they say?

After all, they’re not me at the end of the day.

Each one of us has something special to share,

All it takes is one person to listen, to care.”

“Exactly!” Caroline exclaimed as she smiled ear to ear

“That’s certainly nice to finally hear!”

Then Caroline and Purcello walked back to the school

Where classmates had teased him for not being cool.

But this time Purcello walked proudly and said

“Yes it’s true; I’m the geek that reads before bed,

But I’d rather be me who reads quite a lot,

Than someone I know I definitely am not.”

His classmates were silent as he spoke every word.

They could not believe what they had just heard.

Here was the same little giraffe they had teased

Standing up for himself with the greateast of ease.

Then, as Purcello walked away from the crowd,

He could hear a cheer starting, first soft and then loud!

“Purcello, you’re great for just being you!

That’s definitely the coolest thing we’ve seen someone do!”

And from that moment on Purcello love school,

For being himself, he was finally cool.

Awww...  ::gags a bit:: okay, now as I promised, Picture Time!

*Purcello is made of caramel, tootsie rolls and butterscotch chips.  And he's reading The Great Gatsby, in case you were curious.

Alright, that's all I've got.
Show's over.
You can get on with your awesomeness now.

Have an Otterific Thursday Everybody!
...nope, still not feelin' it, sorry...


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  1. What a great story! I love giraffes, btw. :)

    You fit in just perfect with the family! The cello, the rhyming, the story. Terrific!!

    My mom wrote a limerick about me once. I still have it swirling around in my head. Not that it was all that true.

    JP was published in Highlights once. He was 7 or 8 and they printed his letter. :) It was good enough to then make the front page of our local paper. haha!!


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