Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Britney Spears Moment

I've been putting off putting these pictures up because they're definitely not my best work and that drives me crazy!  HA!!  Get the post's title now?! :) 

Let me clear this up a bit.
I like to make my cakes as fresh as possible, which, for me, means I'm completely cake obsessed the day before they're due.  I have the cake(s) in what my mom says my Grandma used to call "kit form" and that day is spent from dawn til dusk baking, icing and piecing everything together.  This method has worked wonders for me. 

Unfortunately, I was dumb and mixed up the dates of when these were due so I ended up scrambling to make both cakes the same day... 
...the same day that I also had to teach a private lesson and a Decorating Basics course.

BUT, mistakes tend to be the best method of learning, so perhaps public humiliation is the best way for me to go. :)

This cake was for a bridal shower.  It was a 10" white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing.  The bottom border, cherry blossoms and stems were all handmade with candy clay.

This was for a spa themed bachelorette party.  It was an 8" chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and buttercream icing.  The girls, champagne and the candles were all handmade with caramel and candy clay.
Oy vey.  (I'm so sorry Staci.)

Okay, I posted them.  Time to move on.

Have a Good One Everybody!

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  1. I like the cherry blossoms. Looks like DC. They look so wispy, like paper, not candy clay. I studied the characters on the next cake and wondered what they represented. When I read it, I LOL! Very cute, really detailed. Definitely equal to your best work!


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