Thursday, April 28, 2011

Major Decision

I have made a decision:
Being sick blows.
And for those of you out there trying to be cute, no, I don't just mean that often when you're sick, you have to blow your nose.  :P

Seriously, I have been sick since Sunday and, like everyone else, I don't have time for it.  But thankfully, I was able to finish a cake order and I'm starting on another today.  It's not due until Saturday so I've got plenty of time right???...  I mean, it's only a graduation cake for 3 people and their entire families.... that is also, by the way, supposed to have Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia on it... Pssh!  No big deal!... ::Nervously twitching::

So anywho, here's the Retirement cake I finished today.  It's for a man retiring from the State Department of Transportation after working there for 44 years.

Get it???  See things usually start out a bit rocky in new careers, but then, as you go along, they get smoother and smoother and then finally you're on ultra smooth during retirement... aka Easy Street???

I understood it.
***The cake is completely handmade (no fancy pants templates or stick-ons for me) and consists of a measly 4 lbs of buttercream, some candy clay and some royal icing.***

 After surviving a minor freak out last night- 
I began bawling at midnight because I could not figure out how to move the cake onto the cake board... Ya, ya I know.  So my WONDERFUL husband woke up and easily slid it underneath and then made me go to bed despite my pathetic whimpering protests that I needed to make more rocks...

I still have to transport the cake to a location that's about an hour away... ugh... so I'm praying I won't hit any of the bagillion potholes along the way.  

And just so you know, that's not an exaggeration... there really are a bagillion. 
I counted.

Have a Sweet & Pothole-Free Thursday Everybody!

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  1. This is stunning! Have I said that before? I don't remember but your creativity is amazing!! Fantastic!

    (Hope you feel better soon!!)


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